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If you are seriously looking for a PROVEN vehicle to generate an additional source of income for the long term, we should talkI HAVE FOUND THAT VEHICLE.


Almost eighteen years ago, I found an eleven year old, fast growing company that appealed to me a great deal. My due diligence convinced me that this business was extremely well managed and a company of integrity. I got involved on a part-time basis for about four years, and earned over $65K during that period. Then, circumstances changed in my life, and I gradually stopped working the business. However, I have continued to receive a residual income check from the company every month since October 1996! I have spent precious little time and effort to grow the business since my initial part-time efforts over thirteen years ago. The check gradually decreased in size during my long period of inactivity, but for 215 contiguous months I have received a monthly check like clockwork--and my cumulative earnings are now over $144,200!! My average earnings with Melaleuca since 1996 (215 months) is over $670 per month--and for 75% of those 215 months I was not working the business! This is truly a business that can provide reliable, RESIDUAL monthly income! The TIME is right to aggressively build it once again!

I invite you to join me and my immediate business partner, Alan Pariser, the second largest income producer in the company. Alan has earned twenty-four million dollars in the twenty-three years he has worked this business! He is an excellent leader and trainer. Thanks to Alan, our team now has state of the art online training (on demand and real time) systems, as well as multiple webinar delivery formats to help us advance our business. You can meet Alan and his wife Sondra in a short video-"Stay at home parents earn residual income" -at the fifth link below-"Free Report".

The company we partner with has had continuous year over year growth during its 28 year history and in 2013 produced $1.2 billion in revenue. I encourage you to review the wealth of information provided by the video, "Certainty in Uncertain Times", provided immediately below. Following "Certainty" are a number of links providing additional information about the company we represent. There is a 35-40 minute "Business Overview" that pulls all the pieces together, if you want to understand how the business works. We can view the Business Overview online or face to face if geographically feasible. Get your questions answered. Also---this is very important to remember—You have no money at risk—you can’t lose!!

If you have a "Fire in your belly" to make success happen once and for all, we've got something in common! If we team up, I promise you I will match your time and energy in building your business. I am a marathoner--and am prepared to produce a long term, consistant effort to help you build a strong and successful organization in 2014 and well beyond! I am convinced the company I represent is the ideal vehicle to create Long Term Reliable Residual Income. Let's team up and get it done!

The Freiburg Study and the Peak Performance Pack: PROFOUND Results that make it a whole new ball game!!

The Freiburg Study proves the Peak Performance Pack produces Significant WHOLE BODY Benefits!


Brooke Paulin on Freiburg Study

The Freiburg Study’s profound results are partially due to the Patented “Oligo” technology:

Additional independent scientific studies to corroborate the Freiburg Study results are underway.

Video--"Certainty in Uncertain Times"

2012 Income Statistics and click on "Meet Your Team"

Why THIS IS The RIGHT Company-Listen to the powerful "Free Report"--Plus watch brief video "Stay at home parents earn residual income" Featuring Alan and Sondra Pariser

Finally, U.S. Doctors and Researchers Agree with Melaleuca Scientists - Our Competitors' Vitamin + Mineral Supplements are Essentially Worthless!

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"Melaleuca-Why different than MLM's"

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Thank you for visiting my website! If another member of our team sent you to this site, please contact them and request to see the Business Overview so you can understand exactly how this unique business model works! If you cannot reach the person who sent you to this site (or, no one sent you), please contact me (see below).

I welcome the opportunity for us to get to know each other!

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Larry Allen

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